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RSVP & Event Description for WNS Season Premier!

An amazing season of inline skating is ahead of you! Join the Wednesday Night Skate, New York City’s largest inline skating organization, as we take to the streets each week on a unique and exhilarating route through the city. Become a part of the large group of WNS skaters, and roll with us as we explore the city on wheels.

After the event, join us at Mumbles (17th street and 3rd avenue) for our afterparty starting at 10pm. Enjoy great food and drinks with us at the bar at Happy Hour prices. Even if you are unable to attend the actual skating event, or are not a skater, feel free to join in on the post-skate fun. The Wednesday Night Skate is all about fun and socializing.

The Wednesday Night Skate will roll every week on Wednesdays from April to October. Come on out and take part in the fun.

The WNS April 6th, 2011 Season Premier

* We gather at Union Square South (14th street) at 7:45pm
* We depart and take to the streets at 8pm
* A visit to Times Square will be part of our route
* After our tour through the city, we will return to Union Square shortly before 10pm
* We will then head to Mumbles (17th & 3rd avenue) for the WNS afterparty

Please RSVP when you are able to.

SAFETY NOTE: You are skating at your own risk. Helmets & wristguards are required; full protective gear is highly recommended. A flashing light or “blinkie” is also recommended. Please obey all traffic rules, such as staying in one lane and stopping for red lights. Let’s all do our part to continue to make the Wednesday Night Skate a fun and safe event.

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