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Welcome to the Wednesday Night Skate!


Welcome to the official Wednesday Night Skate website, where you’ll find information about New York City’s largest independent inline skating organization. Each Wednesday night during the Spring to the end of Autumn, inline skaters gather at 7:45pm at Union Square South (14th street) for a fun-filled, two-hour street skate.

What is the Wednesday Night Skate?

The Wednesday Night Skate is New York City’s largest independent skating organization.  It’s a fantastic way to see and explore New York City, and a great way to meet new friends. The Wednesday Night Skate runs from the first Wednesday in April to the last Wednesday in October.  It is completely free and open to anyone who wants to join in on the fun! You can follow and keep in touch with WNS events on Facebook or Twitter. If you want to check out pictures from past events, visit our photo gallery!

Where does the Wednesday Night Skate meet?

The Wednesday Night Skate meets at the South End of Union Square Park (14th street), near the stairs.  You can get 200911there by subway by taking the 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R or W to the 14th Street Union Square station.  Traffic in the Union Square area can be heavy, so if you’re arriving by car, try to park in the general area.

What time does it begin and end?

At 7:45pm, skaters begin to gather, put on their gear, and get ready for the event, which starts at 8pm.  Please be ready — we will leave immediately at 8pm so have your gear on and be ready to roll! The skate finishes at around 10pm when we return to Union Square, or to a bar or other location.

What should I bring?

Aside from your skates of course, helmets and wristguards are required.  We strongly recommend that you wear full protective gear (knee pads and elbow pads in addition to the required helmet and wristguards), as street skating can be unpredictable at times. An attachable flashing light of some type (such as a “blinkie”) that can be secured to your helmet, backpack or another area on your person is also recommended. Finally, wearing highly-visible clothing is always a good idea when skating at night.  Please keep in mind that you are skating at your own risk, and ultimately your own safety is your responsibility.

Where do we skate to?

Each week the Wednesday Night Skate Staff chooses a new route that takes us through different locations in the city. Routes are planned to make sure they are safe in terms of street conditions, and enjoyable for skaters. Our routes have several rest stops planned where you can sit down, rest, and chat with your fellow skaters for a few minutes. On average our routes cover approximately 12 miles.  For sample routes, please see our GPS Maps page.

What if it rains?

If the streets are wet, the skating portion of event is cancelled since it is far too dangerous to skate as a group in the rain.  Usually we meet up for food, drinks and socializing at 8pm in the event of a rainout. You can always check out our Facebook page or catch our updates on Twitter to get quick updates about our event. Each Wednesday, updates about the event are posted on both of those places, as well as on the front page of this website!

20098What kind of skaters can participate?

All skaters are welcome, and the Wednesday Night Skate attracts a variety of skaters with different skill levels.  Skaters who wish to participate should be comfortable skating in the street, and be able to turn and stop under their own power. Skaters should also be familiar with and willing to obey all standard traffic rules, including slowing down for yellow lights, stopping at red lights, keeping all crosswalks clear for pedestrians, staying in one traffic lane, and staying off of the sidewalks.

How many skaters usually show up to the event?

On colder nights, the Wednesday Night Skate attracts anywhere from 40 to 50 skaters. During the warmer weather, the skate averages 70 to 80 participants. It’s not unheard of for WNS to attract well over 100 skaters. It’s a great feeling to skate as part of such a large group, and it’s quite a sight to see that many skaters rolling through the streets of New York City.

Who runs the event?

The Wednesday Night Skate is organized by a staff of experienced skaters who volunteer their time and energy to ensure that it runs safely.  WNS is not affiliated with any other club or organization; we are an independent group.

SAFETY NOTES & WARNINGS: You are skating at your own risk. Helmets & wristguards are required for all participants & event staff members. In addition, full protective gear (elbow pads, knee pads) is highly recommended. A flashing red light or “blinkie” is also recommended. The wearing of highly visible or reflective clothing is strongly suggested. Please obey all traffic rules, such as staying in one lane and stopping for red lights. Please skate safely and be courteous to other skaters. Those who are unwilling or unable to adhere to our simple safety rules should refrain from participating in this event. Let’s all do our part to make sure that the Wednesday Night Skate is a fun and safe event, all season long.

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